WOW has this not been said before and BQQQM all of a sudden this is true, you know the conspiracy. Suddenly things are coming true out of no where. No actually many of us knew but it took a short period for the truth to finally come out or be pointed out. After all the truth can never be hidden for too long. Truth will eventually be revealed and people will eventually be woken up.

As this process happens people will wake up from the slumber their televisions, MSM, magazines, news papers, government, government agencies, and more put them in. The sheeple need a swift smack to their faces of truth to wake up.

All the people who allowed this to happen, wanted this to happen, pushed for this, coerced, cajoled, mandated, and everything else will be held responsible for their actions. There will be millions of people taken away for crimes against humanity, Nuremberg code violations, sedition, treason, and more high crimes to a lovely military tribunal then eventual execution. Mind you this if you are taken for military tribunal this means they have everything on you and you are guilty no matter what you try. You will be executed.

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