Money and VaccinesMoney and Vaccines

These sick people are pushing the clot shot on babies. This shot has killed an enormous number of grown ups and children at this point. There is literally no reason to push this on babies but to only kill them.

These sick murders have the obvious depopulation agenda. I just cannot grab the thoughts to try and explain how wrong this really is. There is no group of words that can describe how satanic and horrid this really is.

We as people need to be vigilant. We need to slap these sheeple in the face. They need to wake the frick up or the human population is going down the tubes permanently. We have already been on a population decline around the world but now the vax is pushing this even further.

The vax has been linked to infertility, fetal death, infant death from breast feeding, heart attaches in children, strokes in children, 9 pages of other side affect. And now they want to push this on babies. There is not enough punishment invented for these people to endure before their dismemberment, seriously.

It is horrific enough that they got away with the mandates but now the baby pushing. I am just glad these sick fucks didn’t get their massive war along with the extended lock downs they were talking about. I am glad 45 pushed the vax to be released years before they planned it to be. I heard that piece of shit Fauci state it may take 5 to ten years to get a vax out, all the while limiting the real treatments for this ailment.

The total plan was a massive depopulation agenda. Now we need to breed like rabbits, but only the unvaxed can breed. I hate to say this but it is true. We have no clue what these modified babies will do and will be when they grow up. I sure as hell don’t want to find out how sick and twisted this shit can get in the future.

Yeah what I said sounds really horrible but just think about it. If they are not cured from these changes to their DNA how can you trust the babies to not make things worse. Yeah pretty screwed up to think about for sure.

Have you seen the babies born from clot shot parents. Many of these kids can hold their heads up by themselves at a week or less. They have eyes that are all black, no white in them at all. What is this really people. I am not saying be scared of these children but man we really need to figure out what is going to happen to these children as they grow. Their DNA needs to be repaired otherwise we are massively threatened as a human race.

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