It is really unreal how so many companies have gone off the deep end of Wokism. Mark Levis as one of those companies. The problem many of these companies are having are their investors, people on the board, banks they owe money to, and other things as such.

The NWO Globalists have told all these companies they need to comply with the program or face the consequences of being shut down, drove out of business, and even worse things to happen.

The 13 families that control the world through all the central banks, governments all around the world, corporations, politicians, policy makers, police, attorneys general, and more. They make people comply with the NWO, Agenda 21, Agenda 1030, Great Reset, and other nasty plans for us peasants – non-elites.

They want depopulation through many means that make it look like other things are pushing depopulation and not them. Because if people really understood what they were doing and starting to achieve shit would hit the fan and really bad things would happen.

Why do you think that the 13 families that control the world are never mentioned in the media, by politicians, by the police, AG’s or literally anyone. This is because keeping a low profile as the people putting the screws to the world is such a better idea than showing the where you live and that they are the ones in charge.

This is about to change. The people who knew have woken others, and those have woken up other people and it snow balls. The thing that really needs to happen is that the MSM gets completely in control of the white hats so the de-brainwashing can happen.

Once the masses finally figure out so many people were right and that this crap has been happening to them by a few these few will be hunted to the ends of the Earth. I would make popcorn and watch, and I really don’t like popcorn.

In the mean time Levis has gone off the deep end woke. They are paying people to travel elsewhere to get and abortion. What the literal hell people? How can anyone have a conscience and be able to sleep with this kind of policy at a company let alone be the one writing it up and sending the email out telling of this new benefit.

Effectively Levis is encouraging people to murder other people. We need to teach them a lesson in being a good company that is worth buying goods from. Yeah I am saying boycotting but lets make them know they are trash for this policy. Send them nasty emails with discouraging words and disgust in the way we write them. This has worked in the past so lets make the pay for their stupidity.

Levi Strauss to reimburse abortion travel for employees

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