Ketanji Jackson

The entire Federal government wants to make pedophilia look normal. This is why this sick woman was chosen for the new SCOTUS. She has gone soft as legally possible on pedos. She has said these punishments are too harsh. But wait there’s more…

As you read the headlines of the articles below which come directly from her answers and conversations with Congress you will see the truth in this whole situation. All are sick bastard pedos which deserve no mercy.

When the media blasts a congressman as perpetrating a hate crime for asking this woman why she wants to be light on pedos you know there is much more to this story than meets the eyes.

This woman loves the idea of CRT Critical Race Theory. They want all this shit to be normalized so they can push it and gain power. So they will never be held responsible for their actions.

When the media is in lockstep with the administration you know they are bought and paid for. You know all they will ever push is the lies from the administration that pays.

When you are on the board of a school and you make the 2nd graders run around talking about binary and non-gender and sex you are GROOMING these kids to accept pedophilia. This is a repugnant thing to do and you shall hang for these crimes.

This woman’s views on sentencing is interesting to say the least. I see from her own admission she teaches her students about how CRT can be used in the sentencing process. She relates sentencing to many different types of law and even makes it look like and sound CRT is part of the law. Scary as hell if you ask me.

When the MSM only talks about how the Ukraine debacle Biden has created may over shadow the hearings. I say what the heck are these people smoking, oh they are smoking the money they get paid to push this narrative.

As you read these article and look at the hypocrisy you realize they are calling her a her and a woman. The left suddenly forgot their push for no gender. What is I were a man judge/lawyer black screaming I am transitioning to a woman so I should be a candidate? What about those black transgender judges lawyers don’t they count as a woman? Oh sorry that is not convenient for you. Serious utter crap pandering bullshit to try and win back the black vote.

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