Dead Baby

Maryland is allowing you to deny water, food, heat, or what ever to your infant up to 28 days old and allow them to die without a question and no prosecution. What the hell man seriously what the living hell is this?

Who can possibly allow this kind of shit. I am so beside myself mad and disgusted. The sick part is that these bastards pushing this 669 or 666 law flipping will get away with it because the idiot voters in Maryland could give a shit keeping track of the laws being introduced.

This is exactly how laws like this get passed in states. And the people who actually see this law and some details could give a literal shit because it will not affect them. I am trying to not scream in absolute anger loud enough for those pricks in Maryland to hear me.

My soul hurts thinking about how satanic this law is. This law gives people the capability to literally kill their babies offering them to the devil as a sacrifice. This is so frustrating because the ass wipe who introduced this bill wants this to happen be he worships the devil. I dare him to prove he is not a devil worshiper.

I want to write more about this but I am so flustered and beyond disgusted with this situation. This bastard who introduced the law and the shit heads that allow it to go to comity and then be voted on are all satanic sick fucks.

Just follow the link if you want to know more. Please comment below and tell us your thoughts on this horrific bill.

Babies could be killed 28 days after birth under proposed Maryland law, attorney warns

Evil Is Powerless

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