Vaccine DeathsVaccine Deaths

Well there ya have it folks the conspiracy people were correct from the start. It was being said that the vaxes were going to give you the COVID instead of eliminating it. Well guess what boom there ya have it folks 9 out of 10 of the deceased people were “Fully” vaccinated.

Now they are trying to push the nasal spray and the pill. I am certain this situation will be the same for he spray and the pill. They want to push for these options because you can administer these “treatments” yourself. This leaves the hospitals to do other things.

And if you don’t have the appropriate dosage of the drug in you you will be restricted from doing what you want or need to do.

The Chinese social system will come into effect and total control will be handed to the unelected global elites. I sure as hell don’t want this. This mean get the word out now. Make this information go viral.

Evil Is Powerless

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