The biggest dangers to you and the whole world beside the depopulation agenda are the Digital ID and Central Digital Money. The reason why is that you will no longer be allowed to buy food if you don’t tow the company line. Your family will not be allowed to eat either. You will not be allowed back to your family because you are locked out of your house. Yeah this shit is coming if we don’t make people aware and we don’t stand up against this.

We need to stop playing their games and allowing them control. What we need to do is use gold, we need to barter with each other, we need to let go of the money idea in order to barter, we need to put money in crypto. Why put money in crypto, because no one entity can control it. It by nature is decentralized. They can try and manipulate the price comparing it to their BS money but if we stop using the flipping money theirs go to shit value. Just imagine the bank no longer can charge you to hold you fucking money. The bank can no longer charge for anything. They will not be able to see how much you are making, trading, or anything to that sort.

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