Can you guess why all these warnings from the CDC are popping out of no where? Well I know what the reason is.

These mask mandates have done an extreme amount of damage. Much can be reversed by working a bit harder to teach infants to speak by playing the vowel and consonant showing them the letter while you speak. Babies love to imitate their parents and adults.

This goes the same for younger children. Use their desire to imitate you in order to teach them reading, math, numbers and more. You can teach a child who is 3 years old to count to ten. I know I have done this and it was awesome listening to her try and count to ten by herself.

There are other damages in children from being traumatized by the limited amount of interaction with children of the same age. All these can be compensated for by a little extra work. Do not allow the CDC to push more fear into you and others by their policies you were forced to abide by.

Just get on with your life and stop paying attention to the garbage coming out of these so called health agencies. Just work a little harder as a parent and things will be just fine. Playing learning games with your child will give them a life long curiosity for knowledge and information they gather for themselves.

Literacy Advocate Highlights CDC’s ‘Fishy’ Changes to Early Childhood Development Section

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