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A Mississippi Elections Official has spent 200K in zuckbucks. When a person donates to a public office the money is slated for public use not for private use even if not used for the purpose it was donated for.

If you as a worker submit a fraudulent invoice you are committing a crime. If you use the monies for something other than public use you are committing a crime. So if you are told some of the money donated to the agency you work for is for your own personal use it is called a bribe and that is a crime.

I really think people don’t understand these concepts. Or if they do they really think they will get away with this. I think it is the later. It is the later because others or them have gotten away with this type of behavior before.

Now imagine this being true this means that there is so much corruption in government at every level that we shall assume everyone is completely corrupt. As we have said before all politicians must resign. They can never run for office or have anything else to do with government in any way ever again. Their family members for two generations cannot have anything to do with the government either. This must happen at every level and every agency.

At the agency level it become more complicated. It is complicated because many of the people in those agencies have careers, pensions and such and work to do the correct thing with integrity. There will need to be some serious vetting to make sure these people are who they appear to be. If not off to the tribunals they go for what ever they did.

‘Deep corruption’: Mississippi election commissioner arrested, misspent $200,000 in “Zuckerbucks”

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