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The media and the Elites (someone just told me to call the the Delites.) I mean the delites are running around talking about kids going to have heart attacks, men and woman with more heart attacks, people should be tested for HIV, and more.

Now the new strange new warning is about how some people may be getting early and I mean real early on set Alzheimer’s. Let’s just ask ourselves some questions. What has change? What is new? What has happened? What is going to happen?

Well I will give you one guess, yeah the VAX. This is the cause of all this new disease and problems. The vax was designed to create new versions and new problems/diseases in people. They call is mass depopulation. The elites I mean delites are in a cult along with the so called global leaders want to take the population from 7.8 billion to around 500 million or so. This way they can be controlled much more and brainwashed easier. They will separate people into small groups after depopulation to limit communication and thus keeping them where they want them.

Bacteria could travel from the nose to the brain and trigger Alzheimer’s

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