Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

All teachers need to be fired. As far as I am concerned all the teachers need to be fired for sure. There are too many that are brainwashed and hence brainwashing the children. What I see is that all these new teachers from the last 10 years are all groomers for pedophilia activities.

I am concerned about the future of this country. The children are being taught to be liberal pedophile liking children. Just get used to adults using you and get used to them teaching you that is the only thing you are there for. I just cannot believe this is going on. How are these universities allowed to turn these people out? How are these universities pushing for these types of teachings and getting away with it?

Oh I know, follow the money. Follow how much money the federal government gives for the universities to allow this sort of behavior and encourage this behavior. All these people need to be jailed and fired and forbidden from their jobs.

Fifth-Grade Parents at California School Discover Men Using ‘Non-Male’ Pronouns Allowed to Sleep in Girls’ Cabins on 3-Night School Trip

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