Crazy Maxine WatersCrazy Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters the racist sick woman from California is at it again. She is pushing some BS narrative about how Trump supporters want a Civil War. This is clear projection.

Maxine and the Demonrats and the deep state want people to go to the streets with their guns so they can take them away from you. They want to push for this kind of behavior but I seriously doubt conservatives will fall for this. We know their tricks of projection and deflection. Now we need to use their tricks against themselves.

The RINOS, Deep State, Demonrats, and who ever else is part of the Globalist agenda deflect their misdeeds onto others and project their desires and plans onto others as well. I surely hope everyone understands these facts so no one falls for this kind of game again. Jan 6th was supposed to be a bigger problem than it turned out to be but these people are deflecting as usual.

Now Mad Max wants to stir the pot to see what comes up. She will only find burnt Demonrat brains.

Crazy Maxine Waters at It Again, Now Claiming Trump Supporters Want a Civil War

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