Farmer's MarketsFarmer's Markets

I absolutely love that this is happening. I love how this farmer is bottling his milk and everything was sold out. This is the best thing to happen in a long time for small farmers.

I personally would love to get milk from this guy. I really hope this starts to happen from other farmers and other communities. Local farmers that grow food have a way to sell their goods so why not dairy farmers and other types of farmers.

I want to see this to happen in cities. I want to see farmers be able to sell their goods in the middle of a city. My city has a farmers market where locally grown food is sold. We have probably 25 to 30 sellers that sell freshly locally grown food. We also have farms that sell directly from the road where people from all around the neighborhoods. We drove twenty minutes or so to a farm to grab some fresh food and even local preserves.

I encourage everyone to look for all the locally grown food and go to buy the food there. Take a cab, share a car with friends and other people. Start a group of people that work together to achieve this goal. Sometimes cities do not have anything near but if you work as a group a number of people can visit the farms, buy for many and take everything back to the group for pick up.

This same plan will work for going to a good butcher. You can schedule these drives during the week so it is convenient for all. This can be done and done pretty easily.

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