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Ted Cruz grills FBI on Ray Epps, asks if FBI had informants on Jan. 6

By Ryan King

Published @ Washington Examiner

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday grilled a top FBI official on whether bureau informants were present at the Jan. 6 riots — zeroing in on a man named Ray Epps.

Jill Sanborn, the FBI’s executive assistant director for the national security branch, refused to answer key questions, saying she could not disclose “sources and methods.” Sanborn said she was not aware of any FBI agents inciting violent or criminal conduct on Jan. 6.

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Cruz cited a video showing Epps encouraging people to enter the Capitol. The crowd accused him of being a federal agent. Cruz said Epps was initially put on a list from the FBI looking for information on the Capitol riot. He also said Epps was taken off the public posting later and has not been charged to date.

Sanborn said she was familiar with Epps but could not answer Cruz’s question about whether he was an FBI agent. Sanborn also noted that she did not have “the specific background on him.”


For more let’s go back a few months to the October 25th episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Then there’s this, Attorney General Merrick Garland refusing to answer questions about Federal Agents agitating the protestors to go into the Capitol.

And here is the video Rep. Massie played for AG Garland.

Here is a link to the Revolver News’ major investigative pieces on 1/6. Read it for yourself!

Again, it’s obvious the FBI is hiding something. What that is will break this case wide open.

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