Face Masks Required Beyond This Point SignFace Masks Required Beyond This Point Sign

Guess what happened to the COVID interventions, you know lock downs, masks, social distancing, and more are pure and utter failures. History has taught us the same thing so why the hell have we not learned?

I know why, because the MSM is allowed to push propaganda by law now. Yeah I said that because it is true. This was passed in the Obummer administration in a very late night passing congress and the senate then signed late as well. So go figure people are brainwashed and they don’t pay attention to what is really happening.

So of course people are believing what the media is telling them because they do not know and will not believe this law exists. If you ever want to talk to a liberal you need to make sure you have the all the information queued up just to make sure you can smack them with the truth.

Well this article is one of those things that should be queued up. This will allow you to smack the facts instead of fight the propaganda. Because fighting the propaganda is never a good idea because the battle is very arduous.

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