Is is possible for Donald Trump to become Speaker of the House of Representatives without being elected as a Congressman?

Yes, the Speaker of the House, according to the Constitution, is not required to be an elected member of the House of Representatives. If he gets enough votes from members of congress, he very well could.

The Constitution says simply, “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers.” There isn’t any mention of the office holder being a member.

While every Speaker has been a member of the House, there is just no rule requiring they be so. In the past, votes haven been cast for former members of the House, and even sitting Senators. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has received votes for Speaker on more than one occasion. While it is somewhat unlikely, there is nothing to prevent the House from electing the former President as Speaker.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said this week, he’d definitely support the idea:

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz said this week he would support former President Donald Trump becoming the new Speaker of the House. While this may sound outlandish, it is not as impossible as it might seem.

On Tuesday, Gaetz posted a video from a news conference where a reporter asked him if he would support Trump for House Speaker. He said he would support the idea and had discussed the possibility with Trump himself, but those were the only details he gave.

“I keep my conversations with the former president between the two of us,” Gaetz said.

One of the most widely known attributes of the Speakership is its position in the presidential line of succession. By statute, the Speaker is second in line to the Presidency, succeeding to the office after the Vice President. However, that has never actually occurred, despite the number of times this seems to happen in popular fiction. The only person to serve as Speaker of the House and then serve as President was James Polk. However, Polk was elected President six years after serving as Speaker of the House.

So, if Trump were to become Speaker of the House, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were to suddenly for whatever reason leave office, (such as going to prison or something) Trump would become President. Furthermore, Trump would be eligible to run for a second term even if that meant his total time as President would exceed two four year terms. Or if he doesn’t want to run in ‘24, and he let’s DeSantis have the nomination just think of the power that gives to the Trump agenda. Either way the opportunity’s are absolutely delicious.

One other fun fact to consider is, as Speaker of the House, he could actually impeach Biden and Harris. Now That’s Karma, Baby!


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By Jaz McKay

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