The FBI get caught marching in unison on the DC streets. They were all wearing masks and hats and the same uniform. They wanted to make it look like Trump supporters or conservatives so they can say they are white supremacists, you know like the Demonrats truly are.

Well here have have it folks they got caught red handed. These bastards would not even fight back because if only one got left behind the gigs was surely up for all of them including and especially their superior officer that made them do it.

Here is a question for you why the hell are the DC police escorting these turds? You know this is bullshit once you see this. The DC police gave a rats ass when Trump supporters were beat by Antifa during the one march before Jan 6th.

Their entire goal is to cause strife and division. But no one is falling for this crap anymore. Most people have woken up to the MSM lies and games. I am so glad this is happening because if it were not we would all be in much more trouble.

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