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I’ve become something of a well known loudmouth on my Facebook page and I hope to make this website an extension of that. I hope to spread a little bit of wisdom, humor and my take on the days events.

Let’s start off with the important stuff, fear. This country has become a nation of fucking pussies, the biggest lesson of life is to never be scared of anyone or anything.

But it seems that these days everybody is running around scared shitless of every little thing, well cut it the fuck out. Grow a set America and remember what made this country great, we used to stand up and spit in the eye of anyone who tried to push us around.

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Well it’s time we got back to that way of thinking in my opinion.

Take Kyle Rittenhouse for instance. That kid is a 100 times more of a real man than almost anybody I know today.

Did he bend over and take it up the old poop shoot when a few hundred commie, hippy scum came after him last year? Hell no, he started wackin’ and stackin’ them thugs!

And when the stupid fucks in the DAs office rolled over on their backs and started pissing all over themselves when Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and those dumb broads of “The Squad” demanded a pound of flesh, did Kyle roll over too? Did he beg for mercy and cop a plea?

FUCK NO! Kyle knew he was innocent and he stood his ground and fought back. He and his lawyers refused to bow down to those “woke folk” and stood up and spit in the eye of those motherfuckers!

Hey, America! Take a lesson from that kid. Grow a set and stand up for yourself.

Be Like Kyle!

You’re allowed to disagree with me, but remember I’m allowed to call you a fuckin’ idiot too.

God Bless the USA….. Lesko Out!

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Author: Lesko Brandon is a truck driver and forklift truck operator, hoist operator, buffer, buffing maintenance tech, town drunk and chief ass kicker was born and raised in Buttzville, New Jersey until he couldn’t take it anymore and moved to Hell, Michigan. From Hell he traveled around the globe, did a lot of shit and now rules the world from his kitchen table in Bacon Level, Alabama where he’s semi-retired but still sticks his nose into things down at Booger Hole Welding & Pipe Fitting, where he’s a forklift truck operator. As busy as he is he still finds time to blog almost everyday on his website, Lesko Brandon Rules the World. You’ll also find him on Facebook pissin’ off the hippies.


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