Darrel E Brooks and Andy Ngo

Hours after the shocking attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, social media identified the suspect as Darrell E Brooks. While police haven’t yet officially confirmed if he is the suspect, the Internet quickly got into action to learn as much about him as possible. Unfortunately for Andy Ngo, the details he revealed turned out to lead to some rather unfortunate criticism. 

As we revealed, Brooks is a rapper who goes by the name of MathBoi Fly, and has a long criminal record. On November 21, Brooks allegedly drove through a parade injuring at least 24. The tragic incident comes just over seven years after the horrific slender man stabbing, and months after one of those convicted in the case was released. Internet sleuths have been quick to learn a lot about Brooks, such as the fact he has seven open criminal cases against him.

Adding to that, Ngo managed to find a Facebook account linked to the rapper and made a connection between that and Black nationalism. At the time of reporting, he hasn’t shared any screenshots or photos to back his claims, as many users asked him to.

Ngo links Brooks to BLM, George Floyd

The journalist, who currently serves as the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, is one of the many covering the tragedy in Waukesha. He first brought to light Brooks’ long criminal record and linked him to eyewitness accounts. Following that, Ngo tweeted, “The man in custody over the mass casualty incident at the #Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade has posts on his social media in support of BLM causes, George Floyd & black nationalism. He also has a post about how to get away with running people over on the street.”

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Ngo didn’t link Brooks’ social media accounts to back up those claims, which is what many users have found disturbing and questionable. Brooks does have a Twitter account, but it is mostly used to promote his music. Others have dug up a Facebook account that appears in his name, with posts about the Black Lives Matter movement, and attacking White Americans. Those posts are now going viral, but Ngo hasn’t shared any of the screenshots. Which led the Internet to say things like the following.

‘We need info so we know it’s legit’

“Supporting a cause doesn’t automatically mean any crime you commit is because of your belief in that cause…it also looks like they are running from something…they only hit people when they couldn’t get passed…this is only based on the video’s out though.” Another claimed, “Post proof of those claims. I’m looking in his social media right now and this stuff is pedestrian AF — a bunch of sports and music related stuff, basically zero politics.” One social media user asked, “I noticed that you shared lots if screenshots of “leftists politicizing” what happened. Why don’t you have screenshots of the driver’s social media that show what you allege?”

One user commented, “Hey Andy, Can you put up screen shots of his social media talking about this? We need that info so we know it’s legit instead of it being purely heresay from you. Does he have FB, Instagram, Twitter, or something? I know you are credible so it would be nice to have something.” Another user asked, “Oh, you mean this guy who last posted in February 2020? How on earth was he supporting George Floyd when Floyd wasn’t even dead yet?”
Brooks’ Facebook page now appears to be down, but there are a large number of posts circulating on social media that appear to be from his account. It’s not clear why Ngo wouldn’t share the posts, especially since they are already viral.

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