We hole heartedly apologize to you as our subscriber. We have been having trouble with our hosting provider.

What has happened is they throttled our email accounts. This kept us from being allowed to send you emails on the latest and greatest articles we write and bring to you.

I tried for over a month to get this taken care of. The thing is our hosting provider changed a bunch of policies. Some how we were not put under these policies because we are a very old account of theirs.

So long story short we had to pay more money to allow us to send emails. We appreciate your patience and you coming back to visit the site. In the mean time we were still busy putting out information and articles for you to know about.

Please go back to visit these articles. I do not want to spam you with these older articles. Please look back a few weeks we would greatly appreciate it.

We are writing a long series about pedophiles and other horrid things the elites are doing. Yeah this is horrible to even know about but we feel you as subscribers should know this information. We want you to and feel this is really important for everyone to understand. Please also look back at the other series we wrote such as “Stuff You May Have Missed” and others. These articles usually have videos attached with proof of misdeeds by many different people.

Thanks again for counting on us to bring you important and amazing information. We look forward to more articles and you visiting again.

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