Well folks, it is now obvious that not even the American lamestream media can succeed in their attempts in framing Kyle Rittenhouse for murder. The mountains of evidence including video confirming his innocence is overwelming.

So the brain dead liberals and their Marxist masters are preparing for the next step in their insane plan. Rioting and burning cities across the nation. For example, former radical Communist Portland activist and the current Vice Chair of the Oregon Democratic Black Caucus, Gregory McKelvey is demanding blacks to be given time off from work following the verdict so they won’t have to riot on their own time:

Mr. McKelvey was a rising star in Portland until it was revealed in 2019 that he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping & strangling underage girl.

Portland’s Resistance co-founder Gregory McKelvey was jailed six years ago on suspicion of strangling and kidnapping an ex-girlfriend while he was an 18-year-old student at Oregon State University, records show.

It appears the case eventually was dismissed, but police and court records have been expunged, so it’s not clear how it was resolved.

Fellow activists were aware of the allegations against McKelvey for more than a year, but questions intensified as the #MeToo movement exploded and cast a harsh light on men in politics, entertainment and media who have been accused of mistreating women in the past.

“In my opinion, people need to know who they’re working with,” said Teressa Raiford, the founder of Don’t Shoot PDX who used to work closely with McKelvey. “We don’t hold men accountable, to the detriment of all our safety.”

Joey Gibson, the leader of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer and a McKelvey critic, also has recently publicly called out his rival about the arrest, addressing a local school board about McKelvey’s fitness to talk to elementary schoolchildren.


So you can see why a guy arrested for assaulting an underage girl would be upset about Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed a child predator like Joseph Rosenbaum in self-defense, would be found not guilty of murder.

Rosenbaum was charged by a grand jury with 11 counts of child molestation and inappropriate sexual activity with children, including anal rape.

And just for the record the idiot prosecutor in the case, Thomas Binger calls rioters like Rosenbaum, who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse a “crowd full of heroes.”

When your heroes include people like George Floyd and Joseph Rosenbaum, it’s time to ask, if you are on the right side.

As always Twitter exploded with some great responses. Here were a few:

Remember, Wokeism is a mind virus!

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By Jaz McKay

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