Container ShipContainer Ship

There are literally over a million shipping containers needing to be emptied off the ships. But the ports are too busy because of superfluous laws. And other reasons.

New York and California ports are totally full of cargo still not going out. There is no reason this backup should be happening except for it being engineered on purpose.

If you have not seen the stores are low on all sorts of goods. CVS is missing loads of over the counter drugs, Walmart is missing all sorts of items made in China. The Dollar General stores are running out of goods as well.

You local grocery store is running low on things as well. Sam’s Club and Costco have hired their own ships to get goods into their stores.

Things are getting out of hand and we will be short of everything soon. If you think the run on toilet paper was a pain watch when people panic buy food and you have nothing.

So you better prepare at least two weeks of food and several days of water. I am not a prepper but I have 3 months worth of food on hand. I got it online at a pretty good deal.

You should have toiletries and other essential items as well. Things are going to hit the fan and hit hard. You should probably have cash and such on hand to be sure. I would have gold in case as well.

The next thing I would have is weapons. If you are into guns make sure you have ammo and they are clean and ready to go. Also a good thing to have is pepper spray or if you cannot find that you can use bee.wasp spray instead. The bonus of that is it is flammable deterring most people.

A knife and other things might be prudent as well. You should have a way to heat your house in case thing get really squarely in the winter.

Yeah I am suggesting these things because these same problems are happening all over the world and coming here. Do not think we are immune to these types of problems. We used to be before the UN is trying to enact the Great Reset.

It is not just the fact they are stuck out there it is also the fact that many are carrying items that need to be offloaded because of the possible explosive or corrosive nature.

There has already been one container ship that caught fire because of their toxic material leaking. There are many other problems that could arise, even a ship sinking and creating a hazard in the shipping lane.

The Demonrats caused this problem with their new regulations they absolutely knew would do this. Do not fool yourself into thinking these people are incompetent this was engineered with careful deliberate thought and execution.

Tens of billions of dollars worth of cargo lay anchored outside American ports as Biden-induced supply chain collapse worsens!

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