For months many people have said that there are treatments for this disease. Treatments that will CURE and mortality will be brought to little to none.

There was a doctor in the New York area Uttar Pradesh who used ivermectin to CURE many patients including high risk patients of this disease. These same people that kept this cure from the people were pushing treatments that killed the people (like my cousin).

The CDC, WHO, and NIH all push Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, Saline Solution, and Vancomyacin as treatments. The problems with this cocktail is that it drowns the patients in water internally. These are sadistic people.

If you know someone who has been treated with this cocktail they most certainly passed away. I would look into suing these people and taking their names for crimes against humanity. There is plenty of proof that this treatment regimen kills and does not help. There is no excuse especially ignorance.

What is the motivation for this evil? The only word for this is evil. The purpose is to control the population and make it look like things are worse than they are. I will have more information on this. In the mean time think about the last few sentences because they are very true. If you are feeling spunky look up Agenda 21 and the Great Reset. Agenda 21 was created by the likes of UN and the Great Reset is the World Economic Forum.


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