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The chairman of Nike’s successful Jordan brand has revealed he murdered an innocent 18 year-old boy in 1965 while he was a gang member.

Larry Miller, 72, announced Wednesday in a Sports Illustrated interview that he served time in prison after fatally shooting Edward White when he was a 16 year-old member of Philly’s Cedar Avenue gang

Miller says he took to the streets drunkenly and in search of revenge after one of his friends and fellow gang members was fatally stabbed by a member of the rival 53rd and Pine gang.

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The business tycoon didn’t know White, but wanted to avenge the murder of a fellow gang member, and says he ended up shooting and killing the first person he saw.

White did nothing to provoke him, and there’s no suggestion he was a member of any other gang. He died on the spot after being shot with a .38 Miller had gotten from his girlfriend. 

Explaining himself, Miller said: ‘We were all drunk. I was in a haze. Once it kind of set in, I was like, “Oh, sh*t, what have I done?” It took years for me to understand the real impact of what I had done. 

‘That’s what makes it even more difficult for me, because it was for no reason at all.

‘I mean, there was no valid reason for this to happen. And that’s the thing that I really struggle with and that’s—you know, it’s the thing that I think about every day. It’s like, I did this, and to someone who—it was no reason to do it. And that’s the part that really bothers me.’

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