Fauci Masks Outdoors Even For Vaccinated

Why aren’t the Republicans jumping all over this hypocrisy? Rand Paul is the only one I’ve seen with any balls. Why haven’t the rest joined in? I know the answer. These a-holes should be replaced and any gov’t official who is compromised by blackmail do us all a favor and quit or off yourself. You will be outed in time.

Via DailyMail:

Anthony Fauci warned that vaccinated Americans to still wear a mask outdoors this winter and offered up hope that Covid-19 deaths will continue their downward trajectory in the next few months.

Fauci – during an interview with Greta Van Susteren, which will be aired on Sunday – was asked if he expected another surge in Covid cases this winter caused by different variants.

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‘I strongly suspect that you’re going to start seeing the deaths go down similar to the hospitalizations; how quickly they go down and how thoroughly they go down is going to depend a lot on a number of circumstances, which will be influenced by things like the colder weather, people doing things indoors,’ Fauci said.

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The hoax continues to put fear in people, just remember the “experts” who told us the vaccines work are the same “experts” who told us the following……

“Asbestos is a perfectly safe insulation.”

“Smoking will not harm you”

women can safely smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day.”

“Pregnant women should trust Thalidomide”

“Radioactivity is
good for you”

“Vioxx is as safe as aspirin”

“Bayer Laboratories
recommends Heroin cough syrup”

“bloodletting is necessary to maintain the balance of fluids
in your blood”

“A Lobotomy cures mental illness”

“LSD will cure alcoholism, criminal behavior and

“cocaine is a wonder drug, praised by some of the greatest
minds in medical history”

“7Up is a healthy supplement to a baby’s diet.”

“Tomatoes are poison”

“Left-handed people are witches / warlocks”

“The Earth is flat”

“The Sun revolves around the Earth”

“Salt is bad for you”

“Eggs and shellfish are bad for you”

“Sodium saccharin will give you cancer”

The 1965 Immigration Bill “…will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.” – Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA)

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