Bad teacherBad teacher

I along with billions of people around the world have these exact thoughts. Why the hell are school so rotten to the core? The other question is how did it get this way?

Well the situation got this bad because parents stopped going to school meetings. One of the reasons the parents stopped going to the meetings is because they both needed to work. Since both parents needed to work there was not one at home to pay attention to the debauchery being taught to our kids. There are reasons why two people had to go to work that are beyond this article. I will be touching on this in a an article in the near future. I digress.

There has been WAY too many happenings of this type to be isolated incidents. This means that there is way more than we know. I am thinking that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Teachers are permanently damaged from their education and the indoctrination the colleges make them have.

I know I had two education major roommates in college. They literally were so bent on blaming everyone else for things, I wanted nothing to do with them. The one guy was a drunk who gave two SH$TS about anyone else in the room. The other was his best friend from high school and cared less what he did.

Their attitudes are exemplary to each and every teacher I have met over the years. The teachers I dealt with while my daughter was in school and the teachers I volunteered to help teach engineering to their students for competitions.

I can go on about this for a very long time. But I think you get the point. Keep asking question and Keep Pointing things out that need fixed and fix them.

Union County teacher arrested, accused of sending ‘obscene material’ to multiple students on Snapchat

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