We all are angry about the lock downs, the mandates, masks, vaccines, and much much more. No one is a fan of these types restrictions. I am sure many of the liberals are not fans but just sheepishly go along with things just to move along with life.

But this is exactly what they want you to do. They want you to just move along with life as if the taking away of your god given rights was ok and you are happy with when the government gives them back to you when you obey.

We as in citizens have slowly been lulled into this kind of behavior. We accept this all in the thought of “JUST”. Just a mask. Just 2 weeks. Just another month. Just a vaccine. Just some mandates. Just lock downs. Just … I hope you get the point.

So now the pharmaceutical companies are pushing a new way to administer the jab/drug/AKA Vax. They are pushing several different types of administration. All to disguise what it really is (the same exact this in the shot). They are pushing towards pills and nose sprays.

Imagine you are hungry and need to go out and grab yourself some food. As you walk or drive to a place to trade or buy you come across a check point. At this check point it is determined by the chip in your hand or arm you did not take the latest pill/spray/vax and boom your arrested. They force the “treatment” on you and tell you to go home no food for you.

OK you say I will hack the chip. So you hack the chip to claim you took the pill/spray/vax. You fell confident about passing the check point. All is well and you pass the guards. When you go to the store to buy much needed supplies you are denied. Why because the other day your neighbor lied to the authorities stating you said something against the pill/spray/vax. No food, no water, no electricity, no nothing until you repent publicly. This is coming if we don’t stop it.

Yeah this sounds kinda crazy but two years ago what we are going through now sounded like even more crazy talk. Follow what kind of tyranny is going on in the rest of the world. We have articles about the tyranny in Australia, Brazil, France and more. Please visit those articles as well.

Follow This Link To Keep Reading About the Pill and Make Sure To Keep Asking Questions …

Follow This Link To Keep Reading About the Nasal Version and Make Sure To Keep Asking Questions

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