Biden Sucks

This is one of those polls where you look at the results and say, “What the hell? Only ONE IN FIVE?”

They’re obviously not paying enough attention.

Via Daily Wire:

A poll found that one-fifth of likely voters, and roughly one-fifth of Democrats, said they regretted their vote for President Joe Biden in 2020.

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The poll from Zogby Analytics of 2020 Biden voters found that 20% of likely voters said they regretted their choice, compared to 76% who did not. Among Democrats, the number was 21%, compared to 29% of Republicans who crossed the aisle to vote for Biden and regret it.

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But 63% do believe Biden totally screwed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan. So I guess that’s something.

The latest Golden/TIPP poll shows that nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of Americans believe the Biden administration’s way of withdrawing from Afghanistan was a mistake.

Biden’s botched withdrawal ended with the deaths of 13 U.S servicemembers and many wounded, along with hundreds of Americans still trapped in the Taliban-controlled country.

The poll asked respondents, “Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement: The way the Biden Administration executed the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a mistake.”

The nearly two-thirds of Americans broken down shows 41 percent agree strongly, 23 percent agree somewhat, 14 percent disagree somewhat, 14 percent disagree strongly, and nine percent were not sure.

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