The Texas Tribune issued a jaw-dropping correction after they were caught red-handed fudging China virus numbers among children.

The newspaper published an alarming story saying that more than 5,800 children had been hospitalized in Texas during a seven-day period in August.

But guess what? It turns out that was a lie, the 5,800 number they published was the total number of children who had been hospitalized since the pandemic began in 2020.

The real number, well it was a far cry from 5,800. It was in reality 783 children. And as of this posting, not a single so-called “fact-checking” agency has called out the publication. Nada, as in Not A One.

Granted they did issue a correction however instead of a correction, the Texas Tribune should’ve retracted the entire story. It was fake news. It was MEDICAL MISINFORMATION.

Among those who shared the fake news story was none other than Washington Post fake-conservative Jennifer Rubin.

And while she deleted her Tweet here’s the text of it:

What a ditz!

Here’s how they “corrected” their story……

Correction, Aug. 12, 2021: An earlier version of this story overstated the number of children who have been hospitalized in Texas recently with COVID-19. The story said over 5,800 children had been hospitalized during a seven-day period in August, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That number correctly referred to children hospitalized with COVID-19 since the pandemic began. In actuality, 783 children were admitted to Texas hospitals with COVID-19 between July 1 and Aug. 9 of this year.

Jeez, Texas Tribune, the hospitalization numbers for the time period indicated didn’t come close to passing the smell test one bit. This is one heck of a smart ass correction you issued.

Note, also, that it’s 5,800 hospitalized out of some 7 MILLION children who live in Texas. Texas Tribune beats the lock-it-down drum fairly hard, but contextualizing these numbers is extremely useful.

Per Texas’ COVID dashboard (updated today), there’s been a total of 59 deaths for people 19 and under since the start of the pandemic. For ages 0-9, that number is 22. I also can’t get over how it said 5,800 children over a SEVEN day period, when even the recently-hospitalized number (783) refers to a period of a little under SIX WEEKS? Like, both components of their bullshit claim was incorrect.

Did nobody think “Whoa, nearly 6,000 children over seven days, that’s nearly 1,000 kids per day, holy shit, that doesn’t square with what we know about how this virus works at all…” Do they not have editors at the Texas Tribune?

In conclusion, I don’t think these idiots should be the least bit sanctimonious in their phrasing of their correction considering they screwed the numbers up so badly. (This reminds me of the Tribune’s earlier data-less fearmongering coverage about Governor Abbott revoking mask mandate, ugh.)

Never trust the Mainstream Media, folks. Always do your homework and double check their reporting. The media is leftist and the left always lies!

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By Jaz McKay

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