President Obama had a star-studded birthday bash over the weekend — hundreds of people attended. Not a single person was wearing a mask. It was a super-secret event. Attendees were ordered to delete any photos or videos.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota thousands gathered this weekend for the annual Sturgis Bike Rally. 

Guess which one Dr. Fauci and the Mainstream Media declared a Super Spreader event?

A New York Times reporter explained the difference – she said the folks who attended the Obama birthday bash were “a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.”

In other words – the people who drank the booze, smoked dope and noshed on meatless cocktail weenies at Obama’s soiree were not gun-toting, Bible-clinging Deplorables. 

You can’t go to church, but it’s okay to march in a Black Lives Matter Protest. 

You have to show your papers to attend a Broadway show but illegal aliens infected with the China Virus are allowed to walk across our border. 

Rules for thee, but not for me.

Just remember – when the local health department shuts down your daughter’s sweet sixteen party, that they turned a blind eye when the oligarchs feasted on beef and fine wine at Obama’s birthday bash.

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