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Red wave sweeps British universities
Morons for Marxism convention in Topeka 2020

“Marxism on the March”

By Steve Doughty

So often we don’t understand what we see going around us, be it the LBGT, the woke, BLM! It’s like a fly buzzing our ears, yes it’s bothersome but it means little to us, we swat the fly away and off it goes. But what if the fly was 50 pounds? Would you run in fear and look for a good place to hide, or find a way to kill the fly? 

 In the Spring and Summer of 2020 we sat in front of our TV sets and saw rioting, looting and arson in many of our cities, police powerless to stop it, mobs out of control, but what did you see, moreover, what did you understand?   

If it did not happen in your city it was just the aforementioned fly buzzing your ear, but then we saw the vote stolen in the dead of night, yes, there is more and more proof of that coming out every day, that was the 50 pound fly! Or more to the point it is Marxism, Marxism is taking over our schools, this started in the 1960’s with our colleges, then by the mid to late 1980’s our schools. 

The riots, known as the long hot summer in 1965 was a test to see if Marxism would work here, it did, it made the Democrats change their spots. 

The Vietnam War was a turning point for the Marxist, here was a readymade group ripe for unrest, the college student.  Out of that rabble came people like Pelosi, the teachers union and the Marxist authors with their high sounding words. This mixture sat in the dark like some sickening brew waiting to ferment, the first dose was PC speak right around 1990, how many of you went along with it?   

I railed against that one in the harshest terms. “You don’t like what I am saying, to f’ing bad, now get out of my way or get knocked down” I was a much younger man back then. 

 I started to smell the foul stench of communism but I couldn’t see where it was coming from, then one day the stench went away, we were one people together and united, black, brown and white standing side by side, sadly that day was September 11th, 2001.

Let me go back for a moment to the 1960’s. Some were saying that Dr. King was a communist, he would have been an odd communist indeed, and his “I have a dream…” speech was one of the greatest of all time. Back then I was just a young boy yet I was profoundly moved by his words. I wanted to live in that America, not white or black, but as one people living and working together. 

It was for that reason I made the biggest mistake with my vote I have ever made. Not long after that vote in November of 2008 did I smell that foul stench again, but this time I could see where it was coming from, it was coming from the White House and the Democrat party!   

After this I can only hope that you understand what you have been seeing, Marxism in full bloom! The sad part of all of this Marxism is that these poor fools are our children and grandchildren thinking life will be better under communism, history shows otherwise, one has only to look at Cuba.

Keep tabs on what your kids are learning in school and pull them out if need be, Marxism is on the march. If Biden and the Democrats come for your guns don’t give them up as you will need them. Vote in 2022 as if your life depends on it, it does! 

Steve Doughty is a native of that once great city of San Francisco, he now lives in the small town of Yucca, Arizona. He retired in 2012 and he and his wife moved out of the Bay Area as his beloved San Francisco was becoming woke. For the last three years he has been the host of The Steve Doughty Show on KTOX 1340 AM and online at KTOX1340.com, Saturday’s 3 to 6 PM & Sunday’s 4 – 6PM. 

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