Covid is waning, everyone who wants a vaccine has had one, and it is pretty well known that masks are not effective. Yet the Branch Covidians continue to mask up. Some do it even while they are eating. She’s OUTSIDE, and she’s probably been vaxed yet she still insists on wearing the face diaper. Notice the way she’s looking around like she’s looking for some sort of approval. And taking bites WITH a mask on? THAT’S DISGUSTING. Can you imagine how nasty the inside of that mask is? I’m surprised she didn’t spray hand sanitizer on her food too.

Where else does she wear it? In the shower? When she sleeps? During sex? It is unclear whether leftists wear the masks out of neurosis, to virtue signal, or in reflexive submission to the largely clueless technocrats that liberals worship???. So long as masks are worn on a voluntary basis, the Branch Covidians are welcome to make fools of themselves. But forcing children to wear the unhealthy things is criminal.

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