A senior Chinese state security official is missing along with several terabytes of Top Secret information, as rumors swirl on social media and news sites about his whereabouts.

Dong Jingwei, vice minister of state security, is reported to have fled the Communist country by jetting from Hong Kong to the United States along with his daughter, Dong Yang.

Dong Jingwei “supposedly gave the U.S. information about the Wuhan Institute of Virology that changed the stance of the Biden administration concerning the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic” reports the Daily Beast.

The implications are enormous. So why hasn’t Washington or China taken steps to prove who has spymaster Dong Jingwei? All it would take is a video. In a verifiable context. That’s how Beijing could prove the defection of its top counterintelligence official is a lie.

That’s how Washington could prove the coup of the century – the defection of a man close to the Chinese Communist Party’s beating heart.

Dong may have indeed handed over evidence on the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab leak theory which prompted President Joe Biden’s U-turn as he ordered the US to “redouble” its investigation.

Ataca de nuevo el virus chino
Wuhan Institute of Virology

The theory had originally been dismissed by some folks as a “conspiracy” and an attempt by Donald Trump’s administration to save face over its handling of the pandemic. Or at least that’s what the Fake News Media (FNM) wanted you to believe.

Covid has been speculated to have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology – or another lab in the city – as it was known to have been studying batborn coronaviruses.

This defection seems to Red State to also explain how suddenly the mainstream media changed its tune on the the origins of the virus:

As we initially reported, DIA has high confidence in the veracity of Dong’s claims. The fact that since our original report, which was pooh-poohed by Langley apologists, the New York Times published a rare interview with Dr. Shi Zhengli (the WIV “Bat Woman”), ABC News has started an “investigation” into COVID-19 origins, and now the actual name of the defector has been published in an anti-Trump, CIA-friendly blog, demonstrates what sources told RedState today: “This defector has the rest of the intelligence community and the LEO community scared sh**less.”

A Crisis of Leadership at the Military Intelligence Agency's Watchdog  Office – Foreign Policy

But origins of Covid isn’t the only information Dong may have, according to reports in Red State he’s being protected in the United States by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from treasonous American intelligence operators in the CIA and other three-letter organizations, if that’s true this could be the story of the century, and may finally bring down Deep State assets attempting to betray and destroy our republic.

Newsmax on Twitter: "We are pleased that @EmeraldRobinson, formerly of  OANN, has joined Newsmax TV as White House Correspondent. Stay tuned for  more big developments at https://t.co/6kJRGQSvV0!… https://t.co/Hs7Ew3wJL3"
Emerald Robinson

Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson tweeted of the matter, “So the head of Chinese counter-Intel efforts in America has defected to the USA. He’s in the hands of DIA right now. His name is Dong Jingwei. He’s provided DIA with the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. He has confirmed that a THIRD of all Chinese students in US are spies.”

In a series of Tweets, Robinson continued, “According to multiple media outlets, this high-level Chinese detector [sic] gave info to DIA:
1)    Financial records on US govt officials & business people who took money from CCP.
2)    US citizens who gave intel to China
3)    Names of Chinese spies currently in the USA.

The third tweet in the thread reads: “According to Townhall & Red State, Dong ‘has extremely embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community in the data he has given to DIA.”

Dong is reported to have fled with daughter to the US on February 10, according to Spy Talk. (BTW, Spy Talk is a newsletter covering US Intelligence, Defense and Foreign Policy, on the Substack platform and is very much Anti-Trump and very pro-CIA and the Deep State.)

Ministry of State Security (China) - Wikipedia

He served as a prestigious counterintelligence head at China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), also known as the Guoanbu.

And if the rumors are true, he would be the highest-level defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China. If not true, it’s another major blow to the integrity of international think tanks, media and intelligence analysts. Just remember Dong Jingwei hasn’t been pictured in public since September of 2020.

It just seems odd that neither nation has yet taken any definitive steps to prove or disprove the rumors.

China has not issued an official response to Dong’s rumored defection, but on Friday Xi ordered top officials of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to swear an oath ahead of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP on July 1.

Last weekend China did issue a statement said to have been made by Dong Jingwei. Its subject? Ordering a renewed clampdown on all “foreign agents” within China’s borders.

Also this past weekend it’s worth noting that news emerged from China of the death of one of its leading nuclear scientists. Vice-president of Harbin Engineering University Zhang Zhijian reportedly “fell” from his building. No cause was given amid Beijing’s resolute denials of a nuclear accident at the China Taishan power plant.

I would recommend that everyone stay vigilant but also cautious, because so far, the only evidence of Dong’s defection remains at this point to be just words.

Supposedly the news of the father and daughter’s escape from China was addressed in March during the U.S.- China Summit in Alaska. 

Chinese spymaster Dong Jingwei rumoured to have 'defected to the West  offering secrets about Covid origins & Wuhan lab'
U.S.- China Summit in Alaska

Former Chinese foreign ministry official Dr. Han Lianchao, who defected after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, claimed in a tweet on Wednesday, that Chinese senior diplomats demanded Secretary of State Anthony Blinken turn over Dong to them. 

Blinken reportedly refused to hand him over to them amid the summit, following which both sides then insulted each other in the press and then called it a day.

About Han Lianchao - Citizen Power Initiatives for China
Dr. Han Lianchao

Han, described by US officials as a “straight-shooter”, also shared a picture of Dong and claimed he was last seen in public in September 2020.

“My tweet about Dong Jingwei came from a source from China,” Han told Spy Talk on Monday, “and I used it to make a point that rumors are flying all over China today because the CCP’s digital dictatorship has totally stopped the free flow of information.”

Nicholas Eftimiades — Penn State
Nicholas Eftimiades

Former Pentagon, State Department & CIA China expert (in other words, former Deep State operative and CCP apologist) Nicholas Eftimiades says it’s telling that “Beijing has made no flat denial and hasn’t produced Dong publicly. So there is no clear indication of what’s happening.” But he disputed Han’s account of Chinese censorship on the matter.

“Chinese social media shows no sign of being scrubbed of comments about Dong,” he said. “It’s full of comments about this situation.” Which leads him to suspect that reports of Dong’s defection may be false.

“If Dong really did defect, the CCP would squelch public discussion,” Eftimiades told Spy Talk. While its report of Dong attending the June 18 spy-catchers’ conference “doesn’t seem to ring true,” he added, there’s also “no sign of face-saving”—producing him in public—“in anticipation of the party’s July 1, CCP centenary.”

“If the defection of Dong—a rough equivalent of the FBI’s deputy director—is real, shock waves would be felt in every corner of the Ministry of State Security,” added Eftimiades.

“The Chinese side is likely taking normal damage control action, such as pulling officers and agents out of places they shouldn’t be and assessing what harm is done should Dong tell the American all he knows,” Eftimiades said. “But his access was probably limited to counterintelligence matters and didn’t include a wider range of secrets.”

“But Beijing might have a much bigger problem on its hands,” he added. “Did Dong just decide to defect, or has he been an intelligence asset for some period of time?”

Now, that’s an interesting question.

U.S. officials rarely confirm the reported defection of Chinese or other adversary officials, and for good reason.

China’s modern history is full of examples of traitors being brought to account by assassination, particularly during the revolution that triumphed in 1949. Today China celebrates such revolutionary justice, and unofficial outlets such as “Iron and Blood,” a military-oriented website, occasionally boast of the successful assassinations of defectors.

One such story is about the revenge mission against Yu Qiangsheng, whose defection to America led to the 1985 arrest of Larry Wu-tai Chin. A lower key Chinese account claimed that Yu was tracked down in South America two years after his defection, by a hit team of five MSS agents, who drowned him in the ocean. That account claimed that the mission commander was promoted afterward to an important position.

The Obama Administration warned China in August 2015 to cease their covert operations to track down another defector, Ling Wanzheng. China’s erstwhile communist ally Russia is also notorious for tracking down and assassinating defectors.

The defection of Dong Jingwei would explain a lot though wouldn’t it?

I couldn’t help but wonder all this time about Joe Biden’s extraordinary announcement last month that he had ordered all his intelligence agencies to urgently investigate claims the Covid-19 pandemic resulted from a Wuhan lab leak.

It came after almost a year of speculation and doubt. Many of us were removed from social media for even suggesting such a thing. We were all called racist for even thinking Covid came from that lab. Then just like that, those who mocked and ridiculed us suddenly were saying the same thing. Wasn’t that curious?

So what changed? Other than Trump is now out of office?

The first media site to break the defection story, Red State, claimed Dong has a great deal of information.

“Not only does Dong have detailed information about China’s special weapons systems, the Chinese military’s operation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and the Chinese government’s assets and sources within the United States; Dong has extremely embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the ‘terabytes of data’ he’s provided to the DIA.”

File:Gordon G. Chang by Gage Skidmore.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Gordon G. Chang

If true, it would be a bombshell, but all we are hearing at the moment are rumors. At this point it would be unwise for any serious analyst to draw conclusions about what these rumors mean at this stage. Maybe it’s just the optimist in me but I’m leaning heavily to the side that thinks this is true. But it’s also true that we may never know.

One person who’s opinion I value very much is Gordon G. Chang, a conservative Chinese American author and columnist who’s been predicting the collapse of the CCP for some time now. Chang told Newsmax on Saturday that Dong’s defection, if true, could “even lead to the fall of the Communist Party.” He continued saying, “If he in fact is in US custody and possesses the information outlined here, this could blow up both China’s political system and America’s.”

And despite flippant dismissals from the former Deep State & Spook community and attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to deflect and spread misinformation, Gordon Chang remains convinced it’s true. He appeared Fox News with Tucker Carlson on Monday.

Chinese language news outlets have recently reported Dong’s photos have been removed from the Chinese search engine Baidu. And his name appeared to have been expunged from the Ministry of State Security’s official web page.

Red State has claimed that the Defense Intelligence Agency was briefed by Dong that the Wuhan lab was carrying out biological weapons research. And according to documents released in April by the US State Department, China is feared to have a vast bio-weapons program in play regardless of the origins of the virus. And that’s not a rumor.

Red State also reported that Dong’s defection had prompted US officials to put Dr Anthony Fauci, who has defended the US funding of research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology under oath in those Senate hearings recently.

What does he really know, and when did he know it? Fauci should be called back to answer more questions and if he lies this time charged with perjury.

Spy Talk, which pay-walled their first story on the matter, filed its update yesterday– but had to slam Red State first, though:

“Widespread rumors that China’s top counterintelligence official had defected to the United States last February reached a fever pitch over the weekend, propelled largely by unfounded reports in anticommunist and pro-Trump circles that Dong had brought with him evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic had originated in a leak from a virology lab in Wuhan, not from an animal source.”

By the way, for a lesson in spewing pure propaganda, read the Spy Talk piece. It’s pathetically pro-communist.

Chinese Defector Mystery Deepens

It’s important to point out that U.S.- China spy wars, normally rather low-key and esoteric affairs, have turned radioactive, energized by the crosswinds of each side’s internal politics and intensifying global competition. It’s not likely that the Dong Jingwei story will go away anytime soon.

Rumors and intrigue are swirling, but Dong’s defection – if it really did happen – may never be fully confirmed, partly because of the wealth of information he no doubt has on both Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the CCP.

Dong jingwei – Intelwars.com

But we can always hope, and just imagine the embarrassment for China if he suddenly pops up in the American media. They may be gambling the U.S. won’t allow him to go public, but it would be quite a humiliation for them if he did. And the likelihood is that, if the we do have him, that information will eventually leak and become public as will the misinformation. So like I said, remain vigilant and do your part to help keep the story alive but always check and verify.

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