Shocking FauciShocking Fauci

It is truly difficult to put a finger on how horrible this situation is turning out to be. It is truly out of mind scope to think of the very disgusting things the elites and central banks have planned for the plebeians (that is you and the rest of us) of the world.

The article image should tell you so much about Fauci. He and his elite friends have plans for power and here this is proof of how much and who he knows.

First off this whole article sprung off the release of the Fauci emails. I have become very disconcerted with the whole world and where the deep state players are pushing us to go. This is a link to the Fauci emails in one very large document. Please download and send to everyone. Save a copy just because.

Fauci Emails A must read for everyone.

You need to type in the url by hand.  People really need to see these emails.  This is a dump of the FOIA  Freedom Of Information Act request.  This is amazing stuff indeed.  Read through them yourselves.  Ask those questions and find those answers. 

Do not settle for anything else but the truth.  I only send good information I find.  I dig and read so much and filter what I feel is respected and trustworthy information.  I hope you understand the huge scale this farce is taking place. 

I hope you make others understand this farce and what the global elites are trying to push us non-elites into.  The Central Banks along with the Elites have been pushing slowly for decades towards this final goal.  Look up Agenda 21, which was passed here in the US during the first Bush administration by none other than Nancy Pelosi.  Look up what it really means. 

Also look up the great reset.  Where the global elites and the central banks want to push for a non-elected government which the people are beholden to for their livelihood.  The pandemic was supposed to be the event where they pushed this plan and shut everything down for years all the while talking about variances and other scare tactics to keep people in line.  It is really scary how close they came to executing this. 

And you will not believe who actually foiled their plans with a quick development of a vaccine.  This was done because the elites and deep state specifically stated in the MSM that this pandemic will not go away until a vaccine is created. 

So there ya go foil the plan where they talked years like 5 years before this so called vaccine was created.  Just look back at previous press briefs and what was said by key politicians like Pelosi and other around the world.  Look back at previous Twitter posts.

Believe it or not much of this information is still there. Many people have screen captured the Twitter posts and from other places. Not only one person but many so people cannot say it is fake. I have tons of evidence myself of all sorts, videos, images, tweets, and more.

The important thing is to look at these emails for yourself. It is imperative to ask yourself questions like Why, when, where, and other more specific questions like Why China. When did this Start? Who funded this? Why is Bill Gates besties with Fauci? Why was Obahma and Fauci in Wuhan with documented images talking with the Bat Doctor? And much much more.

There are other question that I hope arise from you diving into these emails. I hope you look really hard and think really hard about questions and then go looking for these answers. This is most important for everyone.

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