Far from what they portray on the campaign trail, Democrats are not the party of the ‟everyman,” in fact, it’s completely the opposite. Democrats are the party of the wealthy, a 180° position from decades ago when it was the party of the poor and middle class.

Democrats now represented 65 percent of the taxpayers with a household income of $500,000 or more, according to IRS data. Conversely, 74 percent of taxpayers in Republican districts have household incomes of less than $100,000.

Just 30 years ago, in 1993, that dynamic was reversed. The average Republican congressional district was 14 percent wealthier than its Democrat counterpart. In 2020, those same Republican districts were now 13 percent poorer.

This flip comes as some Democrats push to end former President Trump’s 2017 tax law, which capped the federal deduction for state and local taxes at $10,000. Without a doubt, the beneficiaries of rescinding this law would be the 1 percent of the wealthiest households that Democrats predominantly represent, with property owners in high-tax states – like New York and New Jersey – benefiting from the relief on federal taxes.

Democrats who won previously Republican districts campaigned on restoring the deduction.

Why This Is Important

This is the measure of the disingenuousness of the whole of the Democrat Party. Each and every Democrat politician – from the federal level to the local – pretend that they are the champion of the less fortunate and the ‟everyman,” even as they portray Republicans as lackeys of the uber-wealthy.

The exact opposite – per Internal Revenue Service Data – is true. Democrats are the robber baron party and they are doing everything they can to enrich their political benefactors and crony political supporters.

All one has to do is look at the hundreds of billions of dollars both Obama and Biden have been throwing at green energy companies – and before that technology is ready for prime time, and Silicon Valley.

Additionally, their facilitation of BigTech in their pursuit of an all-encompassing monopoly – and a monopoly that controls all narratives at every level always – is further evidence that Democrats, and especially Progressive Democrats, are the very greedy elitists they propose their opponents to be.

That minority voters are not recognizing their indentured servitude to the pack of spendthrift, disingenuous elitists is a very sad state of affairs.

Learn more about the Progressive elite’s attempt to undermine the sovereignty of government with the Great Reset.

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By Howard Roark

Howard Roark is a Senior Fellow with the Kirby Institute and editor of The Deplorable Patriot. He’s a second amendment advocate, avid shooter, hunter, fisherman, fur trapper, writer, artist, poet, and inventor of the wall port central vacuum cleaner system. He is both a moral and a practical man and is fully committed to the artistic integrity of every one of his endeavors or projects whether working as a common laborer in a rock quarry or operating a Fortune 500 design firm.