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Posing With Your Breakfast

For some people, every moment is seized as an opportunity to pose. There’s never a mundane moment for the fame-seeking among us. Just look at how the girl above glances towards the lens with her box of cereal. One would swear she’s posing for an Apple Jacks commercial when it might just be an impromptu snap by a shutterbug.

Perhaps, stardom is seen as a practice to this attention-seeking would-be starlet. Friends should remember to keep their phones out of reach while holding all cameras at bay, or they’d struggle to get her to focus on anything they’re saying or doing!

Buying Out The Accessories Section

For those who say there’s never enough bling, just look at these Walmart cheerleaders. With every shiny thing that this couple could find, they look like an ad for Walmart’s accessories section. When there’s an event coming up or a need to look and feel special, the people of Walmart can end up looking like this!

Here’s hoping they came in with zero accessories to start with, or it’d be tough to know what needs to be rung up. Who would have ever thought that you’d be able to accessorize that much from a single store!

Always Look Your Best

Someone decided that they needed to preen and step out looking their best. Well, a version that someone could consider best, with her wearing one of the tightest little numbers we’ve seen in a while. Accessories are there, with the look completed to floral perfection but, in Walmart. Really?

Who knows where she was going, but dressing like that definitely got her noticed. We have to wonder if she does her clothes shopping at Walmart. If she does, we might follow her down the aisle to get some hints about accessories and what to wear.

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