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Lot’s of questions about the Asian man who’s been photographed behind Joe Biden in public.

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Actually he’s David Cho a Korean-American United States Secret Service agent who is the head of President Joe Biden’s protective detail. Prior to the Biden Administration, Cho served as the second-in-command and team leader to the Presidential Protective Division for the Trump Administration.

Known to be a perfectionist, David Cho rose to second-in-command during the previous Trump administration. Cho took over as head of Biden’s security detail after agents were removed from Biden’s detail out of Biden’s unfounded fear that agents had loyalty exclusively to Trump.

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In 2019, he was awarded the Department of Homeland Security’s gold medal for his exceptional service in conducting high-level negotiations for former-President Trump’s historic visit to North Korea, while still overseeing security at the White House.

Due to his close proximity to Biden throughout the Inauguration many conspiracy theorists falsely accused Cho of being a “Chinese handler” due to questions about Biden’s connection’s to CCP Chairman Xi Jinping and the Chinese business dealings revealed in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The lapel pin he wore at the inauguration is actually nothing to be worried about it’s just a variation of the Secret Service pin all agent’s commonly wear.

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I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy but there’s really nothing to see here and it took me 5 minutes on the internet to get the answers to his identity.

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