By Jaz McKay

TSA Spokesperson, Lisa Farberstein seems to be pretty darned excited for her agency’s new role as the National Mask Police Force.

The TSA will require travelers to wear masks through airport screening checkpoints and throughout all public transportation systems beginning Tuesday. TSA workers are authorized to deny entry or boarding to passengers who refuse to wear masks, and those passengers could be subject to fines.

And starting on Monday she started madly Tweeting about the big day, Groundhog’s Day, when her agency would be able to enforce Joe Biteme’s National Mask Mandate on all forms of transportation in America. As I’m writing this I counted 10 Tweets in a 24 hour period on the subject.

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There’s a couple of problems here, number one is the TSA hasn’t got the authority to enforce this mandate. It’s 100% illegal. Neither the Constitution nor the federal communicable diseases statute empowers the federal govt to require mask wearing by the general public.

This is simply an authoritarian move, virtue signaling, & an anti-federalism power grab.

The other thing that’s wrong with it has nothing to do with the legal question but with Lisa personally. If you look closely at her Twitter profile picture you’ll probably notice the mask she herself is wearing is actually photo-shopped. It’s fake. Just like the reaction to Covid has been all along.

Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson on Twitter: "BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday,  June 22, @TSA screened 607,540 individuals at security checkpoints  nationwide, topping the 600,000 mark for the first time in months. The last  time

It’s not even a well done photo-shop job. It’s so obvious it would be funny if it were not for the fact the woman is flouting her agency’s police power to violate your civil rights and place you under arrest for not following protocol. In fact it’s insulting.

But it’s also very illustrative of the contrived nature of the lock-downs, the closed restaurants, gyms, salons and public schools. It’s not real, it’s all been a show and we’ve all been duped.

Keep all of that in mind as you look at the following Tweets…..

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